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M. & A. Emmanouilidis O.E with distinctive title MAKEDONIKI KATASKEYASTIKI, was established in order to construct high quality properties and building complexes.
Since 2004, our company is building holiday villas and apartments in one of the most beutiful areas of Greece, the fascinating Halkidiki. This expertise has appointed us very successfull in the market of holiday properties.
Our ultimate target is to deliver constructions with high quality materials - always respectfull to the environment and the area - and high aesthetics and architecture with respect to the main space and the environment. Last but not least we focus to deliver quickly and offer great payment solutions.
All of the above in combination with the lowest possible cost are the main advantages of our company over the other construction companies that operate in Chalkidiki.
We make every family's dream, to have a holiday property next to the sea in beautiful Halkidki in the most reasonalbe price, become true.
Emmanouilidis Mixail


Kriopigi - Ηalkidiki

"Aesthetic perfection"

Athitos - Ηalkidiki

"Impeccable functionality"

Potidaia - Halkidiki

"Preferential location"

Kriopigi 1 - Halkidiki

Kriopigi 2 - Halkidiki

Kriopigi 3 - Ηalkidiki

"Aesthetic perfection"

Sani - Halkidiki

"Qualitative superiority"

Potidaia Mezoneta - Halkidiki